Our philosophy: National & Regional

Inspired by the cultural spaces of Switzerland.

Our products are characterized by the use of Swiss raw materials. Where this is not possible, we attach particular importance to the manufacturer’s or distributor’s headquarters being in Switzerland, so that procurement takes place 100% in Switzerland. We also use raw materials that are no longer sold wholesale for optical reasons, but do not have any qualitative losses.

For this reason, we also work with Swiss “food rescuers”.

Furthermore, we work together with the foundation Behindertenbetriebe Uri (SBU), which offers people with disabilities a wide range of work, employment and housing opportunities.

Helvetic Barbeque


9.90 CHF

The Helvetic Barbeque Original Sauce forms the basis of Helvetic Barbeque sauces. With the balanced acidity of Swiss vinegar, the sharpness of Ticino chillies and Maggia pepper rounded off with the sweetness of Swiss bee honey. The whole thing is underlined with a smoke note from Nidwaldner or Zuger Smokeysalt.

Helvetic Barbeque


9.90 CHF

Helvetic Barbeque O.D.B. Sauce, or O' Dirty Bastard, is what "man" would also describe as a classic man's sauce.

It is based on a smoky tomato sauce, a strong coffee and bouillon base, a full-bodied scotch whiskey flavor and the heat of Maggia pepper and Ticino chili. The whole is rounded off with a fruity elderflower note and the sweetness of Swiss bee honey. Due to their umami flavor, the intrinsic flavor of the food is intensified.


our assortment consists of various sauces and rubs, which are characterized by the regional influences of Switzerland, the high proportion of Swiss raw materials and the unique taste.

We do not use preservatives, but we can still guarantee a shelf life of 12 months for our sauces. Our sauces are preserved by gentle pasteurization and have been tested for microbiological stability by an external laboratory.


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