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Happy Birthday Helvetic Barbeque.

Exactly one year ago we started our “Proof of Concept” with the idea of creating a BBQ sauce made from Swiss raw materials and national recognition value.

The beginning was resinous, but promising! We visited butchers all over Switzerland and presented our product. Fortunately, some of it was not averse to our sauce, which is why we quickly gained the first sales partners. We received an additional motivational boost by ordering for the first time via our online shop! The team leader of the renowned Chläggi Brutzler BBQ team ordered a Helvetic Barbeque Original Sauce from us, at that time we did not know that his team was multiple Swiss champion and runner-up in the BBQ. Shortly afterwards Peter wrote us an e-mail and congratulated us on this “Hammer product”, after that we also knew who the Chläggi Brutzler were and won our first known advertising medium in the BBQ scene. Until today we appreciate the uncomplicated cooperation with Peter and his team. Patrick from the BBQ Factory was also one of our first customers, and he also motivated us with his feedback. Later followed Steff, Patrick, Hans – Jörg, Jack, Fabian, Dennis, Sämi and many more. Thus we succeeded in establishing the first contacts in the Swiss BBQ scene. Also in the first few weeks we received the request from a Swiss wholesaler, who wanted to put our sauce into the distribution, which at that time was neither planned in our concept nor in the production volume in the range of possible. However, this motivated us to move on. Three months later we finished the “PoC” with a positive conclusion and released with our Helvetic Barbeque Zwätschgä Sauce the sauce for white meat and also cheese, for the winter season.

Now our Helvetic Barbeque Original Sauce celebrates its first birthday with around 100 outlets, it has already been delivered to more than 5,000 customers this barbecue season in 2020.

On this way, we would like to thank all those who have accompanied us on this journey, supported and also criticized us and look to the future with motivation!

Thank you very much, your Helvetic Barbeque team

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