Boiled meat brisket


  • Boiled meat (rather lean)
  • Cofferub (salt, pepper, sugar, coffee and cocoa powder)

It is best to season boiled meat with Coffeerub one day before grilling. We always make the coffee rub ourselves, so all you have to do is mix salt, pepper, sugar, coffee powder and cocoa powder. Of course, you can also expand the rub with other spices as desired.

The meat is now smoked at 105 degrees with additional smoking wood for about 5 h until the core temperature reaches 70 degrees.

Then wrap the brisket in aluminum foil with additional rub or broth and some water (make sure it is tightly wrapped) and steam for another 4h at 120 degrees until the core temperature reaches 87 degrees.

Once the core temperature has been reached, the cooking process must be stopped to allow the juices to return to the meat. To do this, take the wrapped meat off the grill and leave it wrapped for at least 15 min. lie

Now you can unwrap the meat, cut it across the grain (important not to pour away juice) and serve it together with the juice.

Ä Guätä!

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