Hot’n’Fast spare ribs (2.5h)

Everyone knows the 3-2-1 method for cooking brilliant spareribs. Unfortunately, not everyone is ready to stand 6 hours and more at the grill and celebrate the whole…

Today I’ll show you how to get an almost equally good result in 2.5h. Hot’n’Fast instead of Low’n’Slow.

  • First, take the silver skin off the ribs as usual.
  • Then marinate the ribs with Helvetic Barbeque Suction Rub. To waste less of the spice mixture, wait until the rub is completely set on one side (takes about 5 min.). Then you can turn the ribs over and all the rub will stay on the ribs and not end up on the rack.
  • Now you can put the ribs on the grill preheated with 200 degrees or in the oven and grill the ribs until they have a core temperature of 70 degrees (takes about 1h).
  • Now wrap the ribs in aluminum foil. It is best to place the ribs with the underside on baking paper so that the protruding bones do not poke a hole in the aluminum foil. Now you can coat the ribs with Helvetic Barbeque Original Sauce. Before you seal the packets, baste the ribs with about 2dl of apple juice or beer. (Make sure that the packets are completely tight).
  • Now you can put the ribs packets back on the grill or in the oven, which is now set to 220 degrees. As soon as the ribs have a core temperature of 90-95 degrees, you can take them out again (takes about 1h).
  • It is important to leave the ribs unopened for about 10 minutes and make a small hole in the bag so that you can pour the juice into a pan. After that you close the hole again.
  • While the ribs are resting, heat the juice in the pan and add Helvetic Barbeque Original Sauce. Once everything is cooked down you can unwrap the ribs and pour the sauce over them.

Now you can pull on a bone and see if the meat comes off the bone on its own. The easier you can pull out the bone the more tender your ribs will be… Ä guätä!

PS: Post a picture of your Hot’n’Fast Ribs and tag Helvetic Barbeque , we are very interested in how your Ribs turned out or just comment on this recipe….

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