Pulled beef and balsamic root vegetables from the Dutch oven

🔥 Get out the Dutch oven - it's #PulledBeef time! 🍖 We let our beef melt slowly in the grill, surrounded by rustic root vegetables and topped with a buttery polenta. The result? An irresistible plate of happiness! 😋 👨‍🍳 Grab our Helvetic BBQ spice mix and get ready for a flavor adventure! 🌶️ 📸 Share your work with #HelveticBBQDeluxe and let's barbecue together! #GrillenistLiebe #BBQSeason #DutchOvenDelights #FoodiesOfInstagram #GrillGourmet #helveticbarbeque #andermatt

Maple Bourbon Spatchcock Turkey with grilled vegetables

🔥🦃 **Maple Bourbon Spatchcock Turkey & grilled vegetables - a feast for the senses** 🌿🍠 Turn your barbecue into a culinary stage with our delicious **Maple Bourbon Spatchcock Turkey** recipe, perfectly rounded off with aromatic grilled vegetables. To the recipe:

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