Grilled vegetables with salt-n-pepper rub

🔥 Ignite your passion for smokers with our Helvetic Barbeque Delight! 🌶️ Grilled vegetables from the cast iron pan, refined with a hint of beer - simply irresistible. 🍺 Perfectly roasted, seasoned with our legendary 'Saltnpepper' rub, this is the side dish that adds the finishing touch to your BBQ! 🥩 #HelveticBBQ #SmokerMagic #GrilledVeggies #BeerInfused #BBQSeason #GrillenMitBier #SmokeAndSpice

Pulled beef and balsamic root vegetables from the Dutch oven

🔥 Get out the Dutch oven - it's #PulledBeef time! 🍖 We let our beef melt slowly in the grill, surrounded by rustic root vegetables and topped with a buttery polenta. The result? An irresistible plate of happiness! 😋 👨‍🍳 Grab our Helvetic BBQ spice mix and get ready for a flavor adventure! 🌶️ 📸 Share your work with #HelveticBBQDeluxe and let's barbecue together! #GrillenistLiebe #BBQSeason #DutchOvenDelights #FoodiesOfInstagram #GrillGourmet #helveticbarbeque #andermatt

Smoky carrot and bacon rolls from the smoker

These savory treats combine the natural sweetness of carrots with the salty flavor of crispy bacon, gently cooked to perfection over wood smoke. Whether as a starter, side dish or snack - these wrapped carrots are an absolute delight. Preparing them on the smoker gives them a smoky note that makes every bite a taste experience.