Smoked rösti with sausage and onion sauce – a Swiss classic

Ready for a smoky taste journey? 🍽️🔥 Our latest recipe takes you into the world of BBQ with a Swiss twist! Discover how the classic rösti is given a new dimension with smoky flavors from the smoker, accompanied by a savory-sweet onion sauce. The highlight? Our sausage, grilled to perfection, is the juicy icing on the cake of this dish. 🌭 Curious? For full preparation, tips and tricks, visit our blog and get ready to tantalize your taste buds! Share your masterpiece with #HelveticBBQMasterpiece 📸 and show us how you reinterpret BBQ tradition! #BBQliebe #RauchigeRezepte #HelveticBarbeque #SwissBBQ #RöstiRevolution

Pinte’s Al Capone Burger

The Pinte in Andermatt has taken the classic burger to a new level. The Al Capone Burger. We have taken it apart for you and created a recipe from it. #andermatt #pinte #burger "helveticbarbeque #alcapone

Juicy cevapcici from the smoker

Discover the simple recipe for delicious cevapcici straight from the smoker! These traditional Balkan grilled specialties are juicy, spicy and simply irresistible. Perfect for your barbecue party or cozy get-together.…