Smoked Sauguät skewers with Helvetic Barbeque Original Sauce in the smoker

Discover our recipe for smoked Sauguät skewers in the smoker, marinated in Helvetic Barbeque's Sauguät Rub and Original Sauce. Perfect for the next BBQ event! Learn how to prepare this simple recipe with pork neck, peppers and onions and enjoy the intense smoky flavor. Ideal for meat lovers and BBQ enthusiasts! #bbq #helveticbarbeque #sauce #spiess

Classic BBQ ribs with Helvetic charm

Discover the secrets to the perfect BBQ rib dish that will make every barbecue evening a hit. With the Helvetic Barbeque Original Sauce and the 'Sauguät Rub', you can give your ribs a taste that is as unique as the Swiss mountains. Read on to find out how you can create the juiciest, tastiest and most visually appealing ribs experience with the products from the Helvetic Barbeque range - simply at home! #bbq #spareribs #helveticbarbeque

Smoked chicken thighs with suuguät rub

Fancy a barbecue adventure with Swiss flair? 🔥🍗 Discover how to take smoked chicken thighs to a whole new level with the Sauguät Rub from! Follow the link for the full recipe and let yourself be tempted by irresistible flavors. It's time to fire up the smoker and enjoy! #GrillMeister #SauguätRub #BBQSeason #SmokeAndSpice #HelveticBBQ #SwissBBQ #andermatt #helveticbarbeque Visit for more inspiration! 🌶️✨