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Smoked chicken thighs with suuguät rub


4 chicken thighs

2 tablespoons olive oil

4 tablespoons of Sauguät Rub from

1 tablespoon of honey (optional for a sweet glaze)


  • Preheat your smoker to a constant temperature of 120°C.
  • Pat the chicken thighs dry.
  • Brush each chicken leg with olive oil to ensure that the sauce rub adheres well.
  • Rub the chicken thighs generously with the Sauguät Rub, both above and below the skin.
  • Place the chicken thighs in the smoker and allow them to smoke for approx. 2 to 2.5 hours until they reach a core temperature of 75°C.
  • If you like, you can brush the chicken thighs with honey during the last 15 minutes of smoking to create a sweet glaze.
  • Take the chicken thighs out of the smoker and leave them to rest briefly before serving.


Use hickory or apple wood chips for additional smoke flavor and keep the lid of the smoker closed to maintain a constant temperature.

Serve the chicken thighs with grilled vegetables and a fresh coleslaw and give your dishes an exclusive Swiss flavor with the Sauguät Rub from The special blend of spices ensures a deep, rich aroma.

E Guätä!

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