Pork chop with Thurgau apple brine and Sauguät rub

Discover the secret to the perfect pork chop! 🥩🔥 Our exclusive brine with Thurgau apple juice and the legendary "Sauguät Rub" will give your BBQ that certain something. Want to know how it works? Click on the link in our bio for the full recipe and all the insider tips! 🍏✨ #BBQSeason #GrillMaster #SauguätRub #HelveticBarbeque #SmokedToPerfection #SwissBBQ #ApfelBrine #BBQRecipe #Foodie #GrillenSchweiz #ThurgauFlavor ➡️ [Vollständiges Rezept](https://helvetic-barbeque.ch/blog) Let us know how you like it in the comments and share your BBQ experiences! 🌟👇

Maple Bourbon Spatchcock Turkey with grilled vegetables

🔥🦃 **Maple Bourbon Spatchcock Turkey & grilled vegetables - a feast for the senses** 🌿🍠 Turn your barbecue into a culinary stage with our delicious **Maple Bourbon Spatchcock Turkey** recipe, perfectly rounded off with aromatic grilled vegetables. To the recipe:

Smoky carrot and bacon rolls from the smoker

These savory treats combine the natural sweetness of carrots with the salty flavor of crispy bacon, gently cooked to perfection over wood smoke. Whether as a starter, side dish or snack - these wrapped carrots are an absolute delight. Preparing them on the smoker gives them a smoky note that makes every bite a taste experience.